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Book Title: Intellectual property Rights Management - Rookies, Dealers and Strategists
Authors: Lars Alkærsig, Karin Beukel and Toke Reichstein

One of the major challenges of young, smal and medium sized firms it to navigate through the jungle of IP tools, practices and conduct. Intellectual Property Rights Management explores how the entire toolbox of intellectual property (IP) protection and management are successfully combined and how firms generate value from IP. In particular, this book provides a framework of archetypes which firms will be able to self-identify with and which will allow companies to focus on the IP and IP Management issues most relevant to them. By doing so, the authors offer further insights as to the use of IP and IP management practices across firms. By looking at empirical data covering the population of firms, the findings not only pertain to large organization but also reflect the practices and operations that reside in SMEs. This volume also utilizes labor market and firm data to determine whether there is a definitive relationship between IP and economic performance on the firm level. Coupled with qualitative analysis of 50+ interviews with managers of smal and medium sized firms, this book aims to map different approached to IP and understand how the different approaches may or may not matter for the firms further development. The anecdotal evidence coupled with register analysis offers new insights aimed at assisting firms in making the right choices with regard to IP issues.


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