Maria Halbinger Defends her PhD


Maria Halbinger defended her PhD with great success on June 20th, 2014. Maryann Feldman (UNC Chapel Hill) and Oliver Alexy (TUM, Munich) were the external committee members and Mark Lorenzen (INO, CBS) was the internal opposition. An intense defense proved fruitful on both sides engaging in interesting and productive mutual exchange of ideas and perspectives. At the end, Maria succeeded in convincing the committee that she was more than qualified for the PhD title. She was able to respond academically and exhaustively on all questions and challenges forwarded by the committee members. This was indeed evident from the five Haiku Poems the committee offered Maria after the vote. Haikus were a central part of the Maria's PhD which was titled: "Entrepreneurial Individuals: An Empirical Investigation into Entrepreneurial Activities of Hackers and Makers".