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Danish Centre for Entrepreneurship Research

The Danish Centre of Entrepreneurship Research (DCER) is a cross-university collaboration on entrepreneurship research. Co-founded by Aalborg University, Aarhus BSS (at Aarhus University) and Copenhagen Business School, the DCER's goal is to investigate the most interesting and important topics currently debated in the field of entrepreneurship.

The DCER was inaugurated on Thursday the 19th of June 2014 at Copenhagen Business School. The inauguration was done by the Vice President of the Danish Business Authorities and was marked by prestigious keynotes by the Professors Maryann Feldman, Mirjam Van Praag and Olav Sorenson, accompanied by presentations from DCER members (Read more about the event).

DCER is aiming to have formal annual meetings apart from continuous cross university collaborative projects on entrepreneurship. The represented institutions wil take turn in hosting the meetings and we aim to bring in distinguished international entrepreneurship scholars for each meeting.