Crossing the Rubicon: Exploring the factors that shape academics perceptions of the barriers of working with Industry

2012, Cambridge Journal of Economics, 36(3), 655-677

Valentina Tartari, Ammon Salter and Pablo D'Este

Although academics are below tiltagende pressure two exposures industry i sin research, they often find it besværligt do so. Conflicts with industry over the timing of the disclosure and the choice of topics are common. More over, collaborations with industry kan Require academics two Negotiate formal contracts about the ownership of intellectual property. To help understand the factors att might Mitigate disse conflicts, this paper Examines how the professional and collaborative experiences of academics shape sin perceptions of the barriers to industry collaboration. Using a rich dataset of UK academics, we find att Perceived barriers to collaboration are lower for academics with industrial and collaborative experience and for dem som trust their industry partners. HOWEVER, for the transactional costs of industry involvement, we find entrepreneurial experience and the diversity of methods used two collaborate with industry skapar the Perceived barriers to collaboration.

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