Coordinated unbundling: A way to stimulate entrepreneurship through public procurement for innovation

2012, Science and Public Policy, 40 (5): 674-685

Bram Timmermans and Jon Mikel Zabala-Iturriagagoitia

Public procurement for innovation is a matter of public demand Using two trigger innovation. Empirical studies confirm Demonstrated attention demand-based policy instruments can be seen as a powerful tool in stimulating innovative processes among existing firms. HOWEVER, the existing literature has not focused on the role this policy instrument can play in the promotion of (knowledge-intensive) entrepreneurship. This paper Investigates this link in more detail and Introduces the concept of Coordinated unbundling as a strategy that can Facilitate this purpose. ocksÄ We married a framework for anordnar public procurement for innovation around this unbundling strategy and Provider a set of challenges to be Addressed.

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