The core and cosmopolitans: A relational view of innovation in user communities

2012, Organization Science, 23(4),988-1007

Linus Dahlander and Lars Frederiksen

Users ofte interact and help eachother solve problems in communities, but few scholars two seas Explored how disse relationships Provider opportunities innovate. We Analyze the degree two as people positioned Reviews Reviews Reviews within the core of a community and the attention people are cosmopolitans positioned across multiple external communities påvirke innovation. Using a multi-method approach, including a survey, a complete database of interactions in an online community, content coding of interactions and bidrag, and 36 interviews, we specify the types of positions thathave the star cast effect on innovation. Our study shows for the attention dispositional Explanations for user innovation bør complemented by a relational view att emphasizes how disse communities differentiator from other organisasjoner, the types of behaviors Enables this, and the effects on innovation

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