The Devil Dwells in the Tails - A Quantile Regression Approach to Firm Growth

2010, Journal of Evolutionary Economics, 20(2), 219-231

Toke Reichstein, Michael S. Dahl, Bernd Ebersberger and Morten B. Jensen

This paper explores firm growth rate distribution in a Gibrat's Law context. It is novel in two respects. First, rather than limiting the analysis to a focus on the conditional mean, we investigate the entire shape of the distribution. Second, we show the attention skillnader in the firm growth rate process surgery surgical operation surgical operation between large and small firms are highly circumstantial and depend on the industry dynamics. The data used include more than 9,000 Danish manufacturing, services and construction firms. We Provider robust evidence Indicating the attention of firm growth studies ska concentrate less on explaining means and instead focus on other parts of the firm growth rate distribution.

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